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Rising Tide

Rising Tide


If you are interested in purchasing work from Soul Impression, please contact Karen Knight at In order to provide you with a total cost of your purchase, the following information is required:

Address including postal code/ zip code


Title of the sculpture

Shipping preference (i.e. land or air, express or regular delivery)

Your sculpture will be shipped promptly through UPS. Packaging and shipping prices are determined by the following criteria: size, weight, destination, mode and speed of transport and insurance.


UPS offers two types of insurance. "Loss only" insurance is available if the sculpture is "single boxed."  "Loss and damage" insurance is available for "double boxed" shipping at a cost of $4 CAD for every $100 CAD in value of the sculpture. I do recommend the latter. UPS will provide a quote for the cost of shipping and insurance.

Payment for your sculpture will be done through The Square. Upon confirmed payment, your sculpture will be shipped immediately.


    Size: 11x9x26 in.

    Material: High-fire stoneware clay


    A return can be made within 30 days of the original purchase date. The customer will be responsible for all shipping and insurance costs incurred in the return of the artwork. Once the artwork has been received and is deemed in "original" condition, a refund will be made.


    Please note that the artist is not responsible for damage that occurs during return shipping. Claims for damage will be between the customer and the shipping company.

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